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Vaccination Program

SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC
Vaccination Program Options

Producers choosing to add to the value of their calves can now follow our set program of:
One Round of Vaccinations    or    Two Rounds of Vaccinations.

How the program works:

Producers will buy certified ear tags from SEMO Livestock Sales.  The cost is 40 cents per head. Tags can be picked up at the office on Tuesday or call for other arrangements.
Office:  573-243-4255     Neal Franke:  573-382-0003

If a producer chooses to give two rounds of vaccinations, a notch will be put in each ear tag to show they are double vaccinated.

Vaccines are to be performed at least 21 days prior to sale. Castrating or banding bull calves is preferred when giving either first or second rounds of vaccinations.

If weaning, allow 45 days before sale date.

Vaccination Certification Forms must be completed and signed at the time of delivery to the sale barn along with receipts showing proof of purchase of medications.

Participants in our program or a certified program listed below will be eligible for a $5.00 per head refund after the calves sell at SEMO Livestock Sales. There must be at least 10 head to qualify for the refund.

It is recommended you consult a veterinarian concerning any vaccinations you give.

Vaccinations will be available for purchase at SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC.

Please notify us at least 7 days prior to the sale so we may advertise and let our buyers know of your value added cattle.

Our preconditioned sale dates are the first and third Tuesday of the month.  It is recommended you bring your vaccinated cattle to these sales. 

Become familiar with Beef Quality Assurance techniques and best management practices.  To learn more, visit

Other programs we will honor:

Purina Plus Cattle Program                        www.
Market Ready - Boehringer-Ingelheim
MFA Health Track                           
Missouri Stocker/Feeder Quality Assurance Program 
                                                        (look for the link marked MSFQAP)

For questions regarding our program, please contact
   David Steinbecker, Jr at 573-517-3966.

Following are products permitted in our program:

♦ IBR/PI3/BVD types I and II/BRSV
          Modified Live:
                    • Bovishield Gold One Shot (includes Pasteurella Mannheimia and                                        Multocida)
                    • Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ (includes Pasteurella Mannheimia and                                    Multocida)
                    • Vista SQ (includes Pasteurella Mannheimia and Multocida)
                    • Vista 5 SQ
                    • Bovishield Gold 5
                    • Pyramid 5
                    • Cattle Master Gold 5
                    • Triangle 5
                    • Virashield 6

♦Pasteurella Mannheimia and Multocida
                    • Presponse HM 
                    • Nuplura PH
                    • Pulmoguard PHM
                    • Once PHM IN or SQ
♦7 Way + Somnus  (if banding bulls, you MUST use Covexin 8 and
                    • Vision 7 Somnus
                    • Ultrabec 7 Somnus
                    • Covexin 8 and Somubac

♦Internal and External Parasite Control
                    • Dectomax
                    • Safe-Guard  (does not control external parasites)
                    • Valbazen     (does not control external parasites)

SEMO Livestock Sales, LLC
Preferred Vaccination Program

♦ 1st Round:                 (safe for use on calves that are not weaned)
                    • Virashield 6
                    • Nuplura PH
                    • Covexin 8   or   Vision 7 (for steers)
                    • Somubac
                    • Dectomax   or  Safe-Guard
                    • Band or Castrate bull calves

♦ 2nd Round:                 (at weaning)
                    • Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ  or  Bovishield Gold One Shot
                       or  Vista Once SQ
                    • Vision 7/Somnus   or   Ultrabec 7/Somnus  (You MUST
                       use Covexin 8 and Somubac if banding at this time)
                    • Dectomax   or   Safe-Guard

Please Note:  For second round of vaccinations, a live virus is preferred  
IF they are being weaned.


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